Another Word for Agreement Beginning with C

Looking for another word for agreement beginning with “c”? Look no further than “concordance.”

A concordance is a formal agreement or harmony between two parties, often used in legal or academic contexts. It implies a mutual understanding and acceptance of terms and conditions.

In legal settings, a concordance may refer to a written agreement or contract between parties that outlines the terms of a transaction or settlement. In academic settings, it may refer to a formal agreement between scholars or institutions to collaborate on research or share resources.

While the word “concordance” is not as commonly used as other words for agreement, such as “consensus” or “contract,” it carries a sense of formality and specificity that may be appropriate in certain contexts.

In addition to its use in legal and academic settings, “concordance” also has a spiritual connotation. In Christian theology, a concordance refers to the harmony and agreement between different parts of the Bible.

So the next time you`re looking for another word for agreement beginning with “c,” consider using “concordance” to add a touch of formality and precision to your writing.